That is what I do. UI design, UX design, web design, graphic design are just some of the things I create. Constantly looking for new creative ways to solve customers' and users' problems is what keeps me energized. Years of experience in design, marketing and sales have given me a wide perspective and the expertise to work towards solving those problems.

WOW your customers

Creating successful digital products is not just about great graphics and the latest widgets. It is important that the customers find your product useful, easy to use, and that the entire journey from the first view to the delivery and maintenance is a good user experience. The basis of any great product is understanding your customer's problems and needs and constantly striving to improve the experiences they have when engaging with your products and services.


There is not one singular path to a successful user interface design. Every business and industry has very different needs because their customers' needs and expectations are dramatically different. The bewildering number of specialization that has happened in the past years, requires a new approach to user interface design. We now need UX researchers, content strategists, front-end developers, database specialists, digital marketers and many more, depending on the project. As these projects have grown to be very complex and very costly, it is important to recognize that the old way of looking at the process of user interface design needs to change.Collaboration and an iterative approach to design are not buzz words, they are truly essential in today's complex and fast moving digital space.

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Visual design, user interface and digital graphic design is where my experise is in. I truly enjoy what I do and stay on top of the latest developments in web design and digital marketing. My work is clean, simple and responsive.

  • HTML / CSS
    Familiarity with Javascript libraries
  • User Interface design, style guides
  • Websites, HTML Emails, CMS sites
  • Graphic design, branding, illustrations
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User Experience

What are the users's problems? What does the user want to do? The discovery phase should start with UX research, not just the sales goals. Testing something tangible, even if low-fidelity, is how we get real insight into the user's world and can get better in design iterations.

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Customer / user interviews, usability testing, surveys
  • Iterative design approach
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Digital marketing is where my education as well as my experience in both managing marketing projects, as well as designing for them, really come together. I am passionate about marketing and branding and have been able to contribute a different perspective to the UX, design and engineering teams I have worked with in the recent past.

  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Ads
  • Email campaigns
  • Project Management
  • Presentations


Building websites and marketing campaigns that are truly successful is a team effort. The most important skill is to listen and understand client’s business, target market and find the right approach based on thorough discussions and research. There is no one-size-fits-for-all solution. Each business is unique, each budget is unique and thus each website should be unique. Flexibility, creativity, problem solving skills, constantly learning new ways of doing things and and truly enjoying webdesign and front-end development, are the most important things on my resume.

  • responsive daycare site
  • responsive website for school
  • mobile site for healthcare consulting
Iphone Device
HTML 100%
CSS 80%
AXURE 100%
+ - Marketing

I have years of experience in marketing and sales, which gives me a wider perspective in understanding the business value design can bring.

+ - UX

Working closely with UX Architects and Researchers have given me experience in usability testing, user interviews and running design workshops as well as implementing research results into my designs.

+ - Versatile

I have work experience from five different industries, mainly in sales, marketing and project management positions. These experiences have made me well prepared for designing for any industry.


Art-school or business school? Those were the choices I pondered in my youth. I ended up going to business school, but the artist in me eventually got out to a certain degree: I also studied web design, graphic design and front-end development. I have found the perfect combination of creativity, aesthetics, coding, marketing and business in my work as a designer. In the past three years I have also had the opportunity to learn about UX and have been delving into the best ways of delivering truly usable, user friendly designs.

I am always open to talk about interesting job opportunities. If you think we might have a design project or two to talk about, don’t hesitate to contact!


Virva Hanba

Virva Hanba


First impressions. We all have heard about that too many times. I try not to judge people just by the first impression because it simply does not tell very much about the person. Websites however are a different story. Your business is judged by your website and social media. If the website doesn't immediately get the viewers attention and interest, is not visually pleasing, easy to use and informative, you have lost a potential new customer in less than 15 seconds. Make those first impressions count: Hire a professional to build your website!

Creating experiences that are a joy to use and to look at.
When in doubt: Test
Design adds value to your product when it's done right!