That is what I do. Web design, front end web development, graphic design, market research, brand identity design, marketing communications are just some of the things I create. Creativity and problem solving are the driving forces behind this enterprise. Creating eye-catching, user friendly websites is my field of expertise. I am currently busy doing design work at CA Technologies and cannot accept freelance assignments.

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Capturing the target market and making your website visitors into repeat customers is the goal. Making successfull websites is actually not just about great graphics and the latest widgets. Your website needs to be aligned with your other marketing communications and branding, reflecting a unified company image. The basis of a great website is understanding your customer's needs and communicating the solutions to those needs effectively as well as engaging your website
visitors into action.


Amelia, Inc. provides web design, front-end development and graphic design services for businesses of all sizes, non-profits and individuals. Located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Amelia's services are available throughout United States, Chicago as well as Chicago suburbs.

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Website work is where my experise is in. I truly enjoy what I do and take pride in staying on top of the latest developments in web design and development.
My work is clean, simple and responsive.

  • front-end web development:
  • HTML Email newsletters
  • Constant Contact & Mailchimp
  • Project Management
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Content management systems are the perfect solution if you need to edit your website content without the expertise of a web programmer. This is the fastest way to get your website set up and running. There are hundreds of well designed, responsive themes available

  • Wordpress
  • Moto
  • Joomla
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Graphic Design

Align all your marketing to communicate a consistent brand image. Amelia can take care of all your graphic design needs such as logos, brochures and posters.

  • Brand Identity
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Menus
  • Price lists


Building websites and marketing campaigns that are truly successful is a team effort. The most important skill is to listen and understand client’s business, target market and find the right approach based on thorough discussions and research. There is no one-size-fits-for-all solution. Each business is unique, each budget is unique and thus each website should be unique. Flexibility, creativity, problem solving skills, constantly learning new ways of doing things and and truly enjoying webdesign and front-end development, are the most important things on my resume.

  • responsive daycare site
  • responsive website for school
  • mobile site for healthcare consulting
Iphone Device
HTML 100%
CSS 80%
+ - Video Editing

Videos can be an attractive addition to any website because they add interest and can give a more personalized experience about your company's services and people to the viewer. I have experience in video editing with Photoshop CS6.

+ - Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion graphics and animated objects on a website can really grab the viewers attention. I have experience in creating motion graphics and animations with HYPE (HTML5 authoring) and Flash.

+ - Versatile

I have work experience from five different industries, mainly in sales, marketing and project management positions. My main platform is Mac, but I also have experience in all the most common Windows Office applications.


My name is Virva Hanba and Amelia, Inc. is my company. My past work experience includes sales and marketing positions in various different industries, such as IT, IT consulting, insurance, industrial machinery, marketing agency, fair trade and hospitality. I have a Master of Economics degree from the University of Vaasa in Finland, Web Design Certificate from College of DuPage and have taken classes in HTML and Dreamweaver in College of DuPage. I have built several websites in their entirety including copy writing and basic SEO. I am currently busy working at CA Technologies and cannot accept other assignments.

Virva Hanba

Virva Hanba


First impressions. We all have heard about that too many times. I try not to judge people just by the first impression because it simply does not tell very much about the person. Websites however are a different story. Your business is judged by your website and social media. If the website doesn't immediately get the viewers attention and interest, is not visually pleasing, easy to use and informative, you have lost a potential new customer in less than 15 seconds. Make those first impressions count. Call me for a free consultation and a quote.

The most usable websites are simple
Be relevant. Content is still the king.
is the world we live in. We design for it.