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Apple Tree Preschool and Daycare offers a caring and nurturing environment, an environment that lets children grow to their fullest potential. We provide care for children from 12 weeks to 5 years old. Our caregivers and teachers are the most trained and qualified in the  area.


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Exploration, play and social interaction is how young children learn about the world around them. Apple Tree provides a safe, fun and enriching learning environment with an emphasis in art. Fostering creativity in all thinking and problem solving is what Apple Tree Daycare and Preschool is all about.

healthy food
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Learning about healthy food and our environment are things we take seriously here at Apple Tree. Baby food is 100% organic and all meals are made in our own kitchen at the premises. We grow a teaching garden and have great fun preparing snacks and lunches with our preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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early childhood:
0 – 2 years old

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2 – 4 years old

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5 years old


“My son and my daughter are both so excited every morning to go to Apple Tree. This is the best possible childcare solution for our family. The kids are happy and I can focus on my my work knowing that they are well cared for and happy.” – Barry P. Pear, Burr Ridge, IL

“My kids are now in school but they still talk about how much fun Apple Tree was and they remember their teachers and caretakers and really miss them. They could not have gotten a better start in life. Apple Tree gave them a lot of problem solving skills and creativity and they are now excelling at school.” – Olivia Orangepeel, Downers Grove, IL